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Krystal Restaurants: An American Favorite for Over Nine Decades.

Krystal Restaurants, often lovingly referred to as “Krystal,” have been a cherished institution in American dining for over 90 years. With its iconic small, square-shaped burgers and unique charm, Krystal has consistently held a special place in the hearts of many across the United States.

Founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1932, Krystal has stood the test of time, providing generations of Americans with a taste of nostalgia. The restaurant’s signature item, the Krystal slider, is a bite-sized wonder that has satisfied cravings for decades. These tiny, steamed, onion-topped burgers have become a symbol of American fast food culture.

But it’s not just the sliders that make Krystal a favorite. Their menu has expanded to include hot dogs, breakfast items, and a variety of sides, catering to diverse tastes. Whether you’re on a road trip, a late-night food run, or simply craving a quick and tasty meal, Krystal has consistently delivered.

Krystal’s unmistakable retro charm, featuring red and white decor and neon signs, adds to the overall experience. It’s a place where customers can enjoy good food in a friendly, nostalgic atmosphere.

The enduring appeal of Krystal restaurants lies in their dedication to simplicity, consistency, and that quintessential American flavor. It’s more than just food; it’s a taste of tradition and a slice of American history.

So, if you’re looking for a timeless American favorite, don’t hesitate to stop by a Krystal restaurant and indulge in a delicious piece of Americana. After all, Krystal has been serving up memories, one bite at a time, for generations.

Krystal is setting a new standard when it comes to franchising. Here are some of the many reasons to franchise with Krystal.

Proven business model: Open 24 hours* a day with 4 day parts that drive systemwide sales of over $317M.

Flexible store design: Our traditional and non-traditional designs drive a lower initial investment for franchisees.

Craveable menu: Signature menu items like Krystal Burgers, Chik® Sandwiches, Sackfuls and Combo Meals drive up the average ticket.

Opportunity: As one of the only QSR franchises open 24 hours* a day, our snackable favorites are available through four distinct day parts. This business model has proven itself with systemwide sales of over $317M and an AUV of $1.4M*.

History: Krystal is the 2nd oldest QSR and the 3rd franchise brand to open a drive-thru service**. Founded in 1932, Krystal will be 91 years old in 2023. Krystal is also the first national franchise to be open 24 hours a day*. The brand has survived the good times and the bad, and we are growing stronger than ever!

Expansion: Krystal is now growing it footprint across the south and expanding into the US with markets opening up for approved operators. You have the chance to bring this iconic brand to your home state!

Be part of a QSR franchise success story, with extra-large potential. Visit

$1.487M* AUV

*Figure reflects the average Annual Unit Volume (net sales) for the top 25% franchised Restaurants (26 of our 105) operating during 2022. Of these 26 franchised units, 9 (34.6%) surpassed this sales level. The average AUV for all 105 franchised restaurants for this period was $1,006,541. Some outlets have sold this amount. Your individual results may vary. There is no assurance you will sell as much. See Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document dated June 23, 2023, Amended November 14, 2023.

**White Castle is only 1 year older than Krystal. In-N-Out Burger was the 2nd franchise to open a drive through in 1948, only being beat by Red’s Giant Hamburg in 1947.

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